A progressive Dutch filmmaker entering the world of the homophobic, pro-life, death penalty supporting, gun-carrying American cowboy, will inevitably make this film about stereotyping. But more so, it will be a film about two worlds colliding. A film about individuals on both sides of the isle trapped in their own lives, their respective cultures, and their vision of the world. A film about ‘the other’, but at the same time a revealing mirror to one's own world, culture and ideas.


A once in a lifetime chance to experience daily life at the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) of one of the world’s biggest children’s hospitals in China. We will follow doctors, nurses and the transport team, while they are trying to save newborns who are fighting for their lives. As Westerners we will be surprised on the one hand by the cultural differences and on the other by the similarities despite these differences.


Hendrik Wielenga was one of the first to join the resistance when Hitler invaded The Netherlands in 1940. His efforts to sabotage the Germans were short lived because he got arrested in December of that same year and was executed on March 13th, 1941, at the Waalsdorpervlakte. He left behind his young wife and four year old son. In this short documentary we follow his granddaughter who wonders why he was willing to give his life while knowing what he would leave behind if he died.



A film about acculturation: the evolving of a new culture from the meeting of two existing ones, as well as enculturation: the passing on of cultural values of a society from one generation to another. This film is an ode to life in New York City, through visual impressions without the narrative content of more mainstream films. It will show images of every day life and these images as well as the music will capture the spirit, energy, uniqueness, and poetry of the city.

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